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Family-Light of the Nation Foundation is a non-governmental orgnisation (NGO) structured to help families achieve togetherness, harmony, unity and happiness. Today, there is unprecedented disturbing degradation of fundamental family values.

  • We see growing a number of divorces, separations, delinquencies, the scourge of abortion, and the appearances of a truly contraceptive mentality that destroy family values.
  • There is also prevalence of pre-marital sexual activities even among the very young; teenage pregnancy is on the increase leaving in its trail growing number of unmarried mothers.
  • The recourse to unions without proper marriage celebration and the seeming noncommitment of those who are duly married also cause great concern.

In our African society today, families often lack both the means necessary for survival and the most elementary freedom; women especially suffer all types of violence, even within the family.

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FLNF is a family programme of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, Nigeria.
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